• Punxarox

    Okay! So we're gonna be like the other Wikis! We're gonna have those Featured Moments, Quotes, Pictures, Videos etc.

    Now. Those are all YOUR choices.

    So go ahead and choose for the following and I will add them to the Homepage!:

    Featured Patrome Quote

    Featured Picture

    Featured Video

    Featured Moment

    Alrighty-o, thanks and bye!

    ~Punxarox! Talk to me! 04:15, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Punxarox

    Favorite Patrome Moments!

    February 18, 2012 by Punxarox

    I have way too many to pick, what are yours?

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  • PatriciaWilliamson19

    I have an obsession more then you could belive ok If anybody at my school says something about jara I go up and slap them on the back of the head (Same thing for Peddie) And say "PATROME IS BETTER SO SHUT-UP" and then they are scard and my best friend has to pull me away before I hurt someone and then see always says "Ok I know you have an obsession and Patrome is much better then ------- But you can't hurt someone because they don't see the awesomeness" Then I say "Well i don't care if they don't ship Patrome then they deseve to die :P"

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