Eugene Simon
Eugene Simon


June 11, 1992

United Kingdom




Jerome Clarke

Eugene Simon is a British actor and child actor. He portrays Jerome Clarke on the TV hit-series House of Anubis.

Relationship to JadeEdit

Eugene and Jade are shown to be very close friends. They often tweet to each other and have often showed that they hang out a lot from tweets and pictures. Apparently, they are only close friends as shown from tweets, interviews and such. But, some believe that Eugene may have a crush on Jade from many things. In Anubis Unlocked, he said he would like to take Jade to prom, and showed that he is a Patrome shipper. He also replied to Nathalia's tweeted picture of Jade and Nikita Ramsey cooking by saying "Am in Love". But as said by many cast members, there have been no relationships between the cast members.

For more info, see Eujade.



Year Movie Role
2005 My Family and Other Animals Gerald Durrell
2005 Casanova Casanova (age 11)
2006 Alpha Male Young Felix


Year Television Role
2003 My Dad's the Prime Minister Harry (4 episodes)
2004 Murder in Suburbia Josh Taylor (1 episode)
2005 Noah and Saskia Eddie (1 episode)
2010 Ben Hur (TV miniseries) Young Ben Hur (2 episodes)
2011-present House of Anubis Jerome Clarke
2011-present Game of Thrones Lancel Lannister

Eujade MomentsEdit

This is the Pairing of Eugene and Jade Ramsey (the actress of Patricia Williamson).

These two seem to be very close. They often tweet to each other and are seen as close friends.

From Eugene's perspective, it seems that he is the one who has a liking to Jade. Or at least a fondness.

  • Anubis Unlocked
    • When Patricia was playing a Pairing game of putting characters together to fit the pairing, she did one for Patrome. As she did that one, Eugene was heard in the background to say "The Best Pairing by far!"
    • When Eugene was asked the question "Which of the cast would he like to take to the Prom?" he answered without haste, that he would want to take Jade to the prom. He also lists the reasons why he thinks Patrome should be together. Which obviously means that he is a fan of this pairing.