Here are the Patrome Fanfictions. All from Feel free to add on.

Im in love with a Slimeball: One shot

Rated: 13+ Years of Age

Patricia runs off from the house, after she gets some news. Jerome finds her. What happens? Give it a chance: One Shot!

Who To Choose

Rated: 13+

Jerome is tired of being the only single guy, or close to it. He's been eyeing three girls for quite some time now, so which one will he choose? Jerina? Jara? or Patrome? Read and Find Out.

Patrome: The Oneshots Everyone Wants

Rated: 13+

A series of unconnected oneshots about our favorite House of Anubis couple that should have got together during the series.

The Summer For Falling: A Patrome Story

Rated: 13+

A Patrome Story

A Youtube series focusing on Patrome. Now in Season 2.


Just Leave It To Me


This fan fiction is a remake of season 3. Jerome and Patricia grow closer and closer since they stole that key in Victors office for truth or dare. Of course there are some complications such as Eddie and Mara. With the two come past that and become a couple? Or will they be friend zoned for life? Of course you can't forget about the mystery in House of Anubis, how will they deal with that and their feelings as well?