House of Reunion / House of Memories Patrome Moments
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PAtRoMe - House of Reunion
Air date 1/24/11
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Tom Hopewell
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Was the second Patrome episode of House of Anubis. Here are the Patrome moments.

2nd Patrome MomentsEdit

  1. Jerome is seen wandering around the house looking for Patricia.
  2. When Fabian and Nina come back, Jerome is questioning them to where she is.
  3. Knowing Patricia has been kidnapped by Rufus, they lie to him and say Patricia has a hard metal punk rock boyfriend to which he reacts in an appalled manner.
  4. Jerome is shocked at this and is visibly upset and says "Patricia has a boyfriend?!" which hints that he may have a crush on her but covers this up by saying "Poor guy."