House of Secrets / House of Attitude / House of the Blackbird / House of Dares / House of Lies Patrome Moments
Season 1, Episode 1
[[597px-Patricia and jerome wait for nina|250px]]
Air date 1/1/11
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Angelo Abela
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House of Reunion / House of Memories Patrome Moments
House of Secrets / House of Attitude was the first episode of House of Anubis. These are the Patrome Moments.

1st Patrome MomentsEdit

  1. After Joy leaves, Patricia goes to ask Jerome and Alfie where she is before anyone else. Jerome answers that maybe she went back to the house, and Patricia takes the suggestion.
  2. While Patricia worries about Joy's disappearance, Jerome points out to her that she herself has disappeared more than enough times.
  3. The more she worries, Patricia says that Joy would have called her and Jerome agrees.
  4. As Jerome begins a food fight by flinging spaghetti at Alfie, Patricia begins to grin.
  5. Patricia worries more and more about Joy and Jerome tells her that she is driving him crazy.
  6. After Patricia discovers that Mick saw Alfie hanging around the girls' corridor and draws to the conclusion that it was he that might have wrote "Help Me -Joy", she says that even Alfie wouldn't have the nerve to do so and Jerome wonders against the thought.
  7. As Patricia began to hit Alfie trying to draw the truth out of him, Jerome sat back watching while smiling and laughing.
  8. Jerome teased Patricia by telling her that something sinister has happened to Joy which frustrates her.
  9. When Jerome mocked Amber's flirtatious ways, Patrica began to smile.
  10. While Alfie was taken to go get the supplies to clean the floors, and Nina to sneak into Victor's office and grab the keys to the attic, Jerome and Patricia were left alone together to watch her.
  11. When Victor caught Nina, Patricia began to smile at Jerome.
  12. While Patricia viewed for messages on her phone, Jerome peered over her shoulder.
  13. When Patricia came up for an "initiation" for Nina, which was really just a trap, Jerome supported the idea.
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