Jerome Clarke
Jerome Clarke
Background information
Feature films
Television programs House of Anubis
Video games House of Anubis: The Secrets Within

House of Anubis: The Song of Dreams

Park attractions
Portrayed by Eugene Simon
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Jerry (by Eddie Miller)

Clarke (by Everyone)

Personality Deep, cunning, conniving, yet sweet. Foolish, and funny.
Appearance Dirty blonde hair. Brown Eyes. Tall figure.
Occupation Student
Relatives Poppy Clarke - Sister

John Clarke - Father

Joan Clarke - Mother

Allies Patricia Williamson - close friend

Alfie Lewis - best friend

Nina Martin

Fabian Rutter

Amber Millington

Eddie Miller

Mara Jaffray

Mick Campbell (Frenemy)

Joy Mercer

Enemies Rufus Zeno

Victor Rodenmaar

Vera Devenish

Mick Campbell (Frenemy)

Likes Conning people. Money. Pranks. Jokes
Dislikes Getting Caught.
Powers and abilities
Fate Alive
Quote "Oh, speak of the devil. Literally! I'm surprised my phone didn't burst into flames."

Oh, speak of the devil. Literally! I'm surprised my phone didn't burst into flames.

—-Jerome Clarke

Jerome Clarke is obviously not Mr. Goody-Twoshoes, and he's got a few tricks up his sleeves. But don't judge a person by their cover, Jerome is actually a deeper person than we thought.

About Jerome Edit

Jerome is portrayed as a manipulative and cunning guy. He loves pranks and jokes and causing a lot of mischief. Usually, he does not give a care about anyone else's feelings unless it involves in a beneficial way him. He is also seen as a very greedy person, often selling old homework assignments to lower classmen at a very high price. His best friend and accomplice is Alfie Lewis, a fellow prankster and joker. One of his other closest friends is Patricia.

Patrome RelationshipEdit

In the beginning of Season 1 of House of Anubis, the two seemed to be very close when Patricia's best friend Joy disappeared. They would always hang out and plan on pranks and revenge on Nina. They also seem to enjoy each others company, laughing and smiling with each other.

They also have a lot in common.

  • They are both witty
  • Both love mischief
  • They have similar minds and think the same
  • They both love pranking the same people

It's also hinted in some other cases that Jerome may have a crush on Patricia.

In one episode where Patricia gets kidnapped by Sibuna's nemesis, Rufus Zeno, Nina and Fabian try to cover up for her when Jerome is seen worrying about her asking where she is. To cover up, they responded that Patricia had a punk boyfriend. Jerome was visibly upset and responded "Patricia has a boyfriend?!" but then excused it saying "Poor guy."

Other hints are where when Jerome is always seen calling Patricia by a nickname given to her by himself and Alfie which is "Trixie"

In other cases, it is shown that Patricia might like Jerome.

In one episode, Jerome and Alfie were checking out some pretty girls at a party while Jerome taught Alfie how to flirt. The camera then panned to Patricia who watched them and looked pretty sad and longing for something.

But, soon it was shown that Jerome had a major crush on Mara Jaffray, one of Patricia's closest friends, as she was the only one that cared enough to ask about his background and was sweet to him. Yet, Mara began a relationship with Mick Campbell, a jock and Jerome's feelings were pushed aside.

When Jerome began to get in danger as he began to get more involved into the Anubis House mystery, it seemed that the only person and first person he went to for help was --- Patricia.

We do not know whether or not these two will become a romantic item or not. But it would be likely and very possible that they would even though of the chances that Jerome and Mara may get together.