Stared RIGHT in each others eyes!!!


Patrome (Patricia and Je/rome) is a pairing on the hit television show House of Anubis.

The two are shown to be close friends and share many things in common:

  • Both are witty
  • Both are Conniving
  • Share a love of pranks and practical jokes
  • Both are troublesome
  • Considered Bad Boy and Bad Girl.
  • They both hate Mick.
  • They both were (seperately) tricked by Rufus.

They have also hinted that they like one another and care for each other deeply. This pairing is considered a major pairing, but also rivals the other major pairing of Jara. The pairing of Jerome and Mara. This is also a commonly shipped pairing. Some Jara fans say that Patrome have never had any moments from the start, but they actually have had several moments in the beginning of Season 1. Where the two would share moments such as plotting a prank against American girl Nina Martin. What also makes Jara shippers think this is the way how these two would share some moments but usually end up insulting and arguing each other. However, neither of the characters are terribly open about their feelings and this could actually be a sign they like each other. 

Patrome had less moments than they ever did in Season 2, the reasoning for that is because the writers had plotted for the new bad boy from America, Eddie, to begin a relationship with Patricia and for Jerome and Mara to get together. Some fans speculate that there are still some chances for Patrome to get together, and the most likely timing for this to happen could be Season 3. But, the future still holds some secrets and will forever remain a mystery.